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>> Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company - GTL $250,000 No Medical Exam Fast Term: is the most exciting product on the market today.  You can provide a quote, application, and online e-signature within minutes.  GTL is simple to sell using online SASid system.   Up to $250,000 of coverage. Selling life insurance has never been easier and more profitable. Login to SASid system to view production, live quotes, and new sales.

GTL has an excellent reputation with the agent community and works with agents to be fair with cases submitted.  Below are a few examples of approved and declined cases.

Click here to see Examples of cases that were approved.   GTL Product Guidebook 

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 GTL Fast Term Product Highlights

Online application and payment: take less than 10 minutes

Minimal marketing restrictions

No paperwork

Online underwriting confirmations, updates, approvals, and more

Clients up to age 65 may qualify

Online statistics, quotes and applications

10,20,30 year terms available

Return of Premium Rider

Great rates compared to the competition

Make money in your sleep

General Agent contracts available

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Online SASid Product Description

The GTL Fast Term Life quote and application process should only take 5-10 minutes for the entire process.  With this system you can direct anyone to this and they may receive a quote and apply for the GTL Fast Term online. 

Get Quote:

The GTL Fast Term system is configurable so that you may upload your contact information to be prominently visible. 

There are selectable fields where the client may find out FAQ's, product information, and they can contact you with questions.

Add a "&roi=google" to the end of your link to track where sales come from.

Getting a quote couldn't be simpler.  It only takes seconds!
If you add GTL Fast Term to your website, modify, or add any additional text or images to this software it must be approved by Guarantee Trust prior to marketing.

Select Rate:

Progress Bar: this will reaffirm to the client that the process to get GTL Fast Term is only a few steps.
Coverage Amount:  Client can change the coverage amount quoted.  This is extremely fast.  Clients like to play around with this to get the price they are comfortable with.
Rates: the rates are comfortably sorted by term length and payment modes.

Return Of Premium(ROP) Upsell option: ROP feature can be selected here for additional premium and benefit.  GTL ROP is vested click the link to see value if policy is cancelled at any time.


1. GTL Fast Term was designed to be sold everywhere.

We have created an easy process for the consumer to retrieve quotes and submit their personal information to complete the application.

The Steps are as followed:

Ø Client visits your custom GTL link

Ø Client will retrieve a quote.

Ø  Client then selects rate/coverage amount and applies online.

If client has Medical conditions, an email is forwarded to you so you can place another product with your customer.

Applicant Information:  Basic information on your client (name, address, phone, etc.).
Beneficiary Information:  Client can list initially up to 3 beneficiaries. Once the client is active he/she may call GTL and add contingent beneficiaries if necessary.
Mortgage Question:  This product is priced and designed for people who have either refinanced or bought a new home over the past 2 years.  This was done to simplify underwriting.  (Meaning if the bank was willing to give people a loan then they are probably insurable) If for any reason you r client has not had a mortgage in the past 2 years you are sent an immediate email outlining their basic information so you can get them a new quote with a similar carrier and product. (If you need a product that is similar we have a few here: Click here)

Medical Questions:  Client answers a few quick medical questions.  All of the questions are answered either "yes" or "no". 

Application is forwarded to underwriting where in 3 to 5 days client is either "Approved", "Declined", or pended for further underwriting.

  Why SASid? - Producers Product Highlights

Agent like our systems because of the information we provide back to them.  Live data provided to you 24 hours a day. Including:

Real Time Access to Quote and Sales data driven through your customized link

Email confirmations to you and your client(s)

Unlimited links for affilliate tracking

Search engine tracking embeded into every quote

Live Commissions reporting including sub producers

Commissions paid weekly

Highest product conversion ratio in market.

With more information at your fingertips you can make better decisions. 


Here at SASid we pride ourselves on providing the most information and the tools to allow agents to compete fairly.

What States is the product available in?

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance - GTL Fast Term is available to residents of:

Available States





















New Hampshire

New Jersey
New Mexico

North Carolina

Oklahoma Oregon
Rhode Island

South Carolina



Not Available


New York
North Dakota
South Dakota


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 How to market GTL Fast Term

GTL Fast Term was designed to be sold everywhere. We have created an easy process for the consumer to retrieve quotes and submit their personal information to complete the application.


Following are ways that successful agents sell GTL Fast Term:


Insurance Agents, Mortgage brokers, and Banks do great with this product.

Current customers looking for life insurance but have no time for a medical exam.

Walk-in customers, Property & Casualty agents have a lot of traffic, all you have to do is ask your current customers if they need or have enough life insurance, it only takes 10 minutes.

GTL Fast Term works well over the internet on Search engines.

Today's successful agents are creative; remember the internet is over 12 years old, and this is the way of the future.

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Company Approved Banners and Advertisements for your website upon approval of the compliance dept:

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 How to sign up to sell Guarantee Trust GTL Fast Term

NEW SASid Agents.  If you are new to SAS-IT products you need to do the following:

  1. Complete SAS-IT online signup (this gives you online products): Click Here (Please sign in ONLY if you are NEW to SAS.  Existing SASid agents do not need to register again.)

  2. Complete Guarantee Trust Contracting:  Click Here , Complete our W-9 form, and Weblink agreement

Please sign in ONLY if you are NEW to SAS.  Existing agents do not need to register again.


Agents who already have a SAS-IT product and are adding this one, need only to complete contracting materials (you do not have to complete the SAS-IT online signup because you are already in our system).  Click Here to get Guarantee Trust  Contracting.  Once you are contracted we can email your link to market and sell online.

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 State Specific Paper Applications

Paper applications for those of you who wish to have them

licensing/pdf/Application for AZ.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for CA.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for CO.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for CT.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for DC.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for FL.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for KS.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for LA.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for MA.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for ME.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for MN.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for MO.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for NC.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for NJ.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for PA.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for SC.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for VA.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for WI.pdf

licensing/pdf/Application for AR, DE, IL, KY, MD, MI, MS, NE, NV, OK, OR, RI, TN, TX.pdf


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The term life insurance is issued by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, home office in Glenview, IL. The product is an obligation of Guarantee Trust Life and is not insured by the FDIC and is not a guaranteed deposit. Life insurance policies contain exclusions and limitations; benefits may vary due to misstatement of age or sex. Product may not be available in all states. Forms: Policy Series 99RTNP; Group Master Policy LMP-2000.


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